Greetings! Thank you for looking at this Vocations website offered by the Vocations Committee of St. Ignatius Church, Austin, Texas. The following pages are intended to assist men and women in their vocational search. The committee trusts that the information provided will help you to get started in thinking and praying about your vocation. This information is far from being exhaustive. Please consider it as only a helpful beginning. Links to other very informative and useful sites are provided to give you additional material to ponder. Our parish was founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross over 75 years ago. For this reason much is said about our Holy Cross order of religious priests, brothers, and sister who continue to serve in the Austin, Texas area. Please remember the best advice that I can offer you --- for more information turn to the vocation director of a particular diocese or religious order that sparks your interest. They will have the latest and full information for your consideration. Meanwhile, do know that many of us at St. Ignatius are praying for you in your search. God bless and lead you.

Fr. Michael D. Couhig, C.S.C.

St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Church - 2309 Euclid Ave., Austin, TX 78704